Hi. I'm David O'Keeffe.

But you can call me Dave. Nice to meet you.

Where are you at?

I'm based in Dublin with Journal Media. We're Ireland largest online publisher, with websites such as TheJournal.ie, The42, The Daily Edge, Fora, and Boards.ie.

You should check us out. We're pretty good.

Have we met before?

We may have crossed paths when I was in the world of Out of Home Advertising at Clear Channel, when I was working on the MTV for Dublin campaign, or when I was working in radio and broadcasting in or the like.

How can I get in touch?

You find me on Twitter- @davidokeeffe, on LinkedIn, or by email.

Where's the old website?

I used to have a website sitting right here, with several years of blogs and other bits, but I've taken it offline for a little while.

I'll get it back up and running sometime soon.